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Fuel sampling

Avgas and Jet Fuel sure are some nasty chemicals. At least Avgas dries on you very quickly (as the toxic lead gets absorbed into your body most likely) but Jet Fuel stays with you for a long time. I hate

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Tank half empty

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you’re all starting this year like Chuck: Full of optimism and with a can-do attitude that extends beyond the imagination of mere mortals! Looking forward to a great year 2015 and hope to see all

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Keep the fire burning

Keep the fire burnin’ Let it keep us warm The world will keep on turnin’ Let it turn you on And let us not stop learnin’ We can help one another be strong Let us never lose our yearnin’ To

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Hard to kindle

Happy Independence Day to all our American readers out there! Hope you all have a great holiday! Here in my neck of the woods, there’s no holiday, but perfect barbecue weather. It’s a shame those two conditions don’t always match.

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