Tornado coming this way

I don’t know why this is, but there are quite a few designs out there in this world, of cars, planes, buildings, or objects of any kind really, that look much better in real life than as a line drawing or draft. To me, the Tornado definitely falls into that category.

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4 comments on “Tornado coming this way
  1. Fredrik says:

    Nice touch with the 08/15! 🙂

  2. Tyrael says:

    I have always loved the Tornado already before I worked on it as a aircraft mechanic in the army. Not so much working on it though, it really has its “hard to reach” spots – but then nearly every aircraft has a snake-hole somewhere…
    But since it is so small for me it is a matchbox plane come to life.
    But “08+15” Registration? – That really makes my heart sad…

  3. Oddball says:

    Loved the Tornado F3 variant as flown by 111,43 and 56 Sqn out of R.A.F Leuchars.

  4. Nicodem says:

    Maybe this is because I am French but for me the Tornado is the one ugliest Warbird of it’s time. It’s neither pretty like a Mirage or an F16 nor a bad ass look like an A10.

    Any chance to see ChickenWings at AirVenture this year ?

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