Ice bucket challenge

Well, we could have thought of that ourselves, but we didn’t. Fortunately we have attentive and imaginative readers, such as Karl Winters, who wrote us to suggest that the Roost Air Crew might participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge. Well, there you go, Karl. Happy now? I think Julio might want a word with you, as soon as he wakes up!

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9 comments on “Ice bucket challenge
  1. Karl Winters says:


  2. Magnus Danielson says:

    The trouble with Rooster Air is that some members of the staff does not ignite on all strokes all the time. Chuck, is that you?

  3. RG2Cents says:

    Heheheheheheheh! Chuck missed the way that challenge works on sooooooooo many levels…

  4. mike says:

    Chuck missed, but I hope we were able to inspire some of you to donate a few bucks to the ALS Association. For me personally it is one of the most horrible diseases out there and I hope I never have to see a loved one go through it…..

    But on a less serious note:
    I think Chuck may have a “Baseball Bat Challenge” coming his way as soon as Julio wakes up!

  5. Combi says:

    Alright, but is this a symolic thing meaning you donated or only a pretty idea?

  6. mike says:

    I am not 100% sure what you are asking, Combi. But yes, Chicken Wings has spent real money donating to the Association. We thought it was important to actually donate and not just show off on facebook on how much cold water one can handle.
    ALS is not something we’re involved in on a regular basis as there are too many causes out there that would need attention. But we figured in this case we can make a donation at the same time we publish this strip.

    As Chicken Wings we have given regular donations to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation through anything that was sold related to the “Panaca Jane” line and we have done a lot of aviation related causes in the line of raffle prizes and/or donations. Check out the link on this website “We love Aviation”. And of course there are many personal causes of my brother and I as well not related to our chickens….

  7. damon the awesome pilot says:

    Can we have chuck and crew fly with the Thunderbirds?

  8. Combi says:

    Yes mike that was actually my question, thanks

  9. DocSavage says:

    @ damon the awesome pilot
    The puppets from the Saturday morning series or the real Thunderbirds?

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