Don’t you have your own hangar?

Now, how is Chuck ever going to finish his Corsair if he spends all his money on sunglasses, watches, and now racing stripes for his car? I am amazed he is still at it and actually making progress. Ten years ago, all he had was the wheels and the stick. The next question now is if his hangar is actually a man cave with tons of Corsair parts all neatly categorized and organized in multiple shelves or just a heap of parts randomly strewn about. I guess you’ll have to wait until the end of the week to find out.

My own new garage is more leaning towards “filled with crap” if you talked to my woman even though I totally have a system (I do). And it does have shelves. But I don’t think I could fit a Challenger in there right now either. Luckily that’s not a problem of mine since I currently neither own a Dodge nor racing stripes …

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5 comments on “Don’t you have your own hangar?
  1. Magnoire says:

    At least it’s just your garage! I’ve been “de-hoarding” my house since inheriting it. I haven’t even started on my Daddy’s shop where he built RC model airplanes.

  2. Captain Dunsel says:

    Hmm, the garage is where I build R/C model airplanes….

    For 22 years, my wife and I shared a one-car garage. She parked her Ranger in it and I had the left-over 4′ depth (and 8′ wide) as my workshop. I built some 6′ models in that space, with the Ranger’s warm engine as my wintertime heater!

    Now, we’ve moved to a age-restricted community, with a smaller garage. We’re both retired, so we sold her Ranger. I have half the garage as my workshop; the rest is storage and ‘garden shed’. No, it isn’t that crammed! We got a lot of experience in tossing ‘stuff”, thanks to a career in the USAF. We quickly learned that the excess stuff we accumulated had to be unpacked and stored after every move, and if we exceeded USAF allowances, we had to pay for the extra weight.

  3. SgtMac says:

    Wait, how can a pilot making what, $20,000.00 average annual salary or so afford a set of wheels like that AND parts for a Corsair? Even a measly Cessna 150’s *Ford* alternator is over 900 bucks, can’t imagine what a Corsair DC generator would cost!

  4. Fbs says:

    Hey sgtmac, never heard about crédit cards and subprime loans ?

  5. Magnoire says:

    @CaptainDunsel I just have a barely 2 car carport with a 5×10 storage room next to it. Daddy claimed that space as a shop to build his model airplanes and other projects. When he passed away in 2001, Mama sold his planes but never did much else with the shop. I inherited the house in 2014 when Mama passed away but I haven’t tackled the shop yet.

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