Carbonated radio traffic

That strip is based on a tale told by a pilot who wishes to stay anonymous. It may or may not have happened exactly like in this strip. I guess in real life, the controller would probably have had a hard time reproducing such a marvelous sound effect. Unless he had a bottle of soda ready too.

A serious question though: Do carbonated drinks bubble more when you take them up to altitude?

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7 comments on “Carbonated radio traffic
  1. Stefan says:

    Theoretically, they should “bubble” more, that is vent more rapidly, since the partial pressure of CO2 remains the same and the surrounding air pressure decreases. Never paid attention to this though, must try it out on the next flight 🙂

  2. piet03 says:

    many years ago I took my girl friend and her dog on a short flight. On climb out, she was trying to hide under the panel( scared of flying!!) her little dog was in the baggage area
    in the TR-2. I opted for closed traffic so as to get her on the ground as soon as possible.
    Traffic for 09 at Isla Grande AP in Puerto Rico takes you out over San Juan harbour. Just as I key the mic to call base final, the dog sees a pelican just outside and starts barking furiously.
    Just got the dog quite when I here tower “46 lima, are is that you barking at the tower?”

    If it happened today they probably would have said “Is that you Chuck?”

  3. Charles "Chuck" Downing jr. says:

    I was shared this comic and when I read it, I was floored from laughter. One is the name you used first and last, second I work on aircraft and fly once in awhile (not a ticketed pilot) and third, my friends know that I kih htjust do this.. seemed like you guys are in my head..loved this one. Thanks guys.

  4. ThisGuy says:

    That reminds me of the time I heard the ground controller reply to a somewhat nervous low experience solo pilot reporting downwind: Papa-Hotel eight uhhmmm two four you are number 2 for landing. (Reg number changed to protect the innocent). I dont think we had stopped laughing by the time he actually landed

  5. Thorsten says:

    I cannot say that carbonated water made me burb when I was flying – only drank that – but do remember that I always openend the bottles before take off – to often the water just sprayed over my flight suite!

  6. RCN says:

    Yes, carbonated beverages do bubble more at altitude. Many years ago when Coke changed the formula the airline stewardess/stewards liked it as it did not foam as much when they opened a can at altitude, however, the public strongly disliked the “new” formula and Coke changed it back after a very short time (months/weeks)

  7. Mike says:

    I know someone who did something similar – but on the opposite side of the comms.
    A friend of mine, ATC, instructed an aircraft to make a left pattern, when a right was established. As the AC replied “Confirm by the right”, his reaction was supposed to be “F**k – (PTT) – Affirm, by the right” – instead it went “(PTT) – F**k, Affirm, by the right”.
    The pilot calmly replied with a “Roger, F**k, by the right”

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