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I think we already established a little while back, that I’m somewhat of a coffee philistine. But have we yet talked about when we drink our coffee? I know many, many people for whom coffee is the very first thing that touches their lips in the morning. I’m totally opposite. I like my coffee after finishing breakfast. I make myself a big mug, wander up into my office and then start my working day with sipping on that cup for about an hour or so. Then I’ll have another, smaller cup in the afternoon.

Do you guys have any coffee rituals?

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13 comments on “Coffee options
  1. Yuhas 13 says:

    I never start out with more than a half cup of coffee. I get so busy, I never drink it all before it’s cold, and it’s easier to swallow a bit of cold instead of getting up from what I’m doing to dump the cold coffee out.

  2. Neil says:

    (Some will understand this….in the pro pilot arena, most won’t)

  3. jan olieslagers says:

    No rituals, a simple straightforward addiction is enough.
    Half a litre from the _mokka_ , that’s two largish mugs.

    Orange juice immediately after wake up – coffee one or two hours later – breakfast much later again.

  4. jan olieslagers says:

    Sipping on a cup for an hour is out of the question – like so many good things, coffee must be hot to enjoy!

  5. JP Kalishek says:

    I ritually avoid coffee. My preferred hot caffeinated drink is some form of Tea. Black, Grey, English Breakfast, Plantation Mint, Chai . . .

  6. I don’t drink coffee (or tea or anything like that) which is amusing as I live in Melbourne, Australia which is apparently the coffee capital of the world??

    PS: Starbucks collapsed in Australia ‘cos Australians are very picky about their coffee and weren’t willing to put up with 2nd best which is *really* odd given McDonalds (aka Maccas) are everywhere 🙂

  7. Herveus says:

    I like my coffee black. Sometimes I like cream in it (which may be heavy, light, or half and half). Sometimes I like some character in my coffee (Redbreast 12 single malt preferred), even first thing in the morning some days. Sometimes I like my character neat.

    Good coffee is fine at any temperature. Cold black coffee is fine. Don’t leave it on a burner.

  8. MD Pinheiro says:

    One “Bica” after lunch feels good, sometimes one after dinner to help digestion (and night driving/flying).
    A “Bica”, as comonly called in Portugal, is a shot of expresso – we don’t have the habbit of drinking from largem mugs, we like our coffee quite strong (although Starbucks is starting to gain some momentum here, but i think it’s only because it is “trendy”)

  9. Michael says:

    Same thing here, always a “bica” before the preflight briefing. Helps to keep preflight briefings a regular ritual 🙂 Greetings from Portugal

  10. RG2Cents says:

    My coffee drinking habit is very similar to yours, Stef. I start out with it hot, but don’t mind drinkin’ it after it cools.

  11. YawningMan says:

    Coffee? I don’t even drink caffeine in its weaker forms, except iced tea (no sugar) when I eat out at a place that has good tea. Whataburger and Bush’s Chicken are two examples from around here.

  12. Andy says:

    Coffee? That’s one of those drugs the FAA allows right? Never touch the stuff.

  13. puzzlemania says:

    I personally don’t like coffee – yech.
    But my if my Dad gets coffee from Timmies, he always asks for Dark roast with chocolate milk – @ one Tims he is known by the employees as ‘the weirdo’.

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