The snowblower is broken

Ha! We almost need to do a follow up to show what happens when Chuck actually starts the engine. Have you ever run into a situation (maybe with your teenage kids) when you were taken literally just so they can get out of the work? I sure have.

Looking at Chucks work here I am once again reminded that I do not miss living where it snows. Every time I go back to visit Austria I always start out thinking how cool the fresh morning snow is and I quite enjoy the novelty of having to dig out the car first thing. But I don’t have to run to work or meet a deadline, and it doesn’t matter if I end up at the ski lift 10 minutes earlier or later. Still that great novelty feeling only lasts about 3 days or so. And after a week or two I am ready to go back to the Southwest of the US. The one time I have seen it snow in Vegas, everything came to a stop since there are no snowplows here. It was kind of fun actually …

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8 comments on “The snowblower is broken
  1. stef says:

    Just wanted to say that I disagree with my brother in one point: It does matter if one ends up 10 minutes later at the ski lift! Nothing beats being the first one to go up the mountain and cruise down a freshly groomed ski run with no other people around!

  2. theDancingBear says:

    Woah this hits sooo close to the first time dad sent me out to shovel snow ! It also looks a lot like some of my neighbors ! And PLEASE do the results of the engine start . I am getting a mental picture that reminds me of the snowball fight series ……. . Do it , do it, do it !!! Or not…

  3. Quill says:

    Shoveling the driveway: My mom’s attitude: Always shovel before driving her 4-wheel-drive Subaru down it so that the snow doesn’t get packed down to form slick and difficult-to-shovel ice.
    My attitude: My old Bug may have two-wheel-drive, but the right combination of clutch and gas usually works to get up it eventually. If all else fails, just floor it, the spinning tires will eventually dig the snow under them away until the tires contact pavement. Just be careful for when it suddenly launches forward.
    The solution Chuck is surely visualizing: I’ve seen jet engines mounted on a sort of turret used to melt and blow away snow, in most cases used on railways to melt the ice on stuck switches. May or may not be the most effective, far from the most economical, but probably the most fun, and surely the most Chuck-esque.

  4. ThisGuy says:

    I was actually expecting Chuck to turn the Cessna around in the hangar and run it up full throttle with the brakes and chocks on…

    Then again, maybe Chuck is not actually THAT crazy.

  5. Magnoire says:

    Sorry, but I have never experienced that kind of snow that requires a shovel.
    Down here, we have what we call “sneaux”.

  6. Bruce Bergman says:

    We get lucky the few times it snows around Malibu – many of the County Road Maintenance trucks have plows mounted all year. They drive the mountain roads each morning and knock the fallen rocks off to the shoulder…

  7. Kilrah says:

    Malicious compliance rocks 😛

  8. jan olieslagers says:

    @ThisGuy: Chuck is crazy enough. If he did not yet come up with your idea, it must rather be that he is yet taking his time to come to it. Which may well be in high summer so he forgets again until the next time. But, you know, didn’t he say they could do with a jet at Roost Air? Now THAT blows powerful, man, really powerful!

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