FAA safety posters

Safety Posters at your local airport, hangar, maintenance shop, and/or FBO! What are your thoughts? Do they work? Do we need more? Do we have too many?

We have attempted making them funny before and received some good responses on the ones we came up with. But not enough interest to justify printing a bunch of them. Also, the entities we approached thought they were a good idea, but must have not liked them that much because nothing ever came from it. Personally I believe that Chuck is the perfect ambassador when it comes to aviation safety. Mostly as an example of what NOT to do, but still. Many people use Chuck in their slide shows at presentations. Would it be feasible to revisit the Safety Poster idea?

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10 comments on “FAA safety posters
  1. GT_Aviator says:

    I would buy Chuck safety posters!!

  2. JPKalishek says:

    Mike Rowe once talked how their crew had a great safety record until they had to start sitting through the regular safety meetings.
    It’s a bit like if you think it might be dangerous, you pay a bit of attention to it and make sure you are okay.
    If you are told it is a bit dangerous, but we have worked to make it safe as possible and then they drone on and on until you get bored, and you stop paying that little bit of attention to keeping yourself safe.

  3. Neil II says:

    How many hours do those tick mark cover?

  4. Quill says:

    The thought of using Chuck as a safety icon reminds me of the “Private Snafu” Army training cartoons from WWII. Like Chuck, he was not always the brightest, and fell victim to just about everything imaginable – a precautionary tale to the new soldiers watching.

  5. Denton says:

    I am a FAA Safety Team volunteer and lead representative for my area. I have been known to use Chuck in our safety seminar announcements and presentations. I think your safety posters would be a great idea. It would be a nice break from the bland/uninteresting posters that we occasionally get from the FAA. Perhaps the local flight schools and FBOs might actually display the posters rather than throw them in the round file with the rest of the FAA posters. I say go for it!

  6. Fbs says:

    French dgac has a tradition of fun safety posters. You can check the links at the bottom of this page : http://www.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/28-novembre-2009-Securite-aviation.html

  7. Fbs says:

    And my favorite is this one : Dgac at work (Dgac = french faa) : http://www.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/IMG/DSAC_2011_affiches%20Humoristiques_424X600_BAT%202.pdf

    They probably didn’t understand it to allow it to be published…

  8. Captain Dunsel says:

    I retired from the USAF in ’94, apparently before you began writing Chicken Wings. Back then, our usual safety ‘characters’ were folks like C.R. Terror (MAC Flyer) and Fleagle (TAC Attack).


  9. mike says:

    Thanks guys. I appreciate the comments. But I’m afraid we might still be more or less in the same place with these posters. A few positive responses, but enough to go out an print a bunch of posters?
    I think what we would really need is a good promoter who can bring the posters to the masses.

    Oh! And thanks to Denton for using Chuck in your representations!

  10. Ninjated says:

    When I was in the RAF they stuck a safety poster on the crew-room wall that said ‘Some people can afford to make a mistake but you can’t. It took us six months to notice that mistake was spelt with a L not a K! I feel that people pay more attention to funny posters that get the message across rather than the doom and gloom warning type. In fact I put your cartoons on the notice board as hopefully when the guys/girls check on the latest cartoon they may actually look at the notices! I look forward to what off-beat offerings you dream up!. Thanks for all the laughs you have given me over the years.

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