Coffee tutorial

So Hans’ original goal has been achieved. Plus, coffee has been made! Maybe he’s not such a bad manager after all?

Looking at this strip, I just wondered when the last time was that I drank drip coffee. I can’t really remember! Nowadays everybody has one of these coffee pad machines. And I’m lazy and a coffee heathen, so I quite often drink instant coffee. In the shop, it’s usually made with an espresso machine. Does anyone of you out there still use the good old coffee filter?

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12 comments on “Coffee tutorial
  1. Jean Loup says:

    I use the italian Moka Pot espresso brewer.

  2. Peter says:

    Usually espresso from freshly grinded beans, at home and at work 🙂

  3. Thomas says:

    A German friend of mine is totally into coffee. He has recently moved away from high-pressure machines back to passive “brewing” (coffee does not actually brew like tea does – instead, the water simply washes out parts of the beans, which is nearly instanteneous). He says it’s more important to pick the right beans. Sure, you won’t get that “crema”, but that’s not what he’s looking for in a good tasting coffee.

  4. Thomas says:

    Ah, I got the english terms wrong. Tea steeps. Coffee does not. That’s what I meant.

  5. Yes, you are a heathen…Instant coffee, yechhh
    We have 3 coffee machines next to each other, a drip machine, a Sense padmachine and a Nespresso cup machine.
    Generally I drink about 8 coffees per day, or more….

  6. Rick Westerman says:

    Drip both at home and at work. Can waste a lot, however, compared to those single packs.

  7. Delta-v says:

    If you brew a pot of coffee and waste ANY of it, you’re not trying hard enough. 🙂

  8. eMko says:

    Instant coffee? Eh, no thanks. But freshly milled beans in something like this: are fine. How do you call it in English or German? 🙂

  9. Jan Olieslagers says:

    The machine at work has instant coffee only, so I make do with that. At home I use a largish espresso percolator (0,5 litre) which produces 2 big mugs of hot strong real coffee – priceless for starting a lazy Sunday!

  10. Bruce Bergman says:

    Heathens, all of you! Instant? Pods? 😉

    You buy good whole beans (Jose’s at Costco, 3# bags for ~$14) and store them with a little care, and a good grinder and filter brewer. Go find a BTTF-3 “Mr. Fusion” – Krups type 57 Burr Grinder. And the Nirvana of drip machines is a Bunn-O-Matic, but Cuisinart will do fine.

    And real Half-and Half or Milk, none of that powdered stuff. Then you get a good Thermos or vacuum pot and put it away not long after brewing so you don’t waste any – reheat in the microwave by the cup as necessary,

  11. Captain Dunsel says:

    Folger’s Instant, most of the day. Starbucks French Roast or similar (Wawa Dark Roast is good, but is only available on the US East Coast) on weekend mornings.

    Since I retired, I’ve cut back to 5-6 cups a day, but when I was on active duty (USAF, rotating shifts), I drank coffee all day/all night. Black, no sweetener. I can drink a cup, go to bed, and go right to sleep (but when my doctor told me to cut out caffeine, oh what headaches I got!).


  12. Dom says:

    I use Kicking Horse Coffee (Grizzly Claw blend) in a french press. I make it nice and strong, and drink it black.

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