How about some coffee?

In this case I can almost relate to Hans more than Julio. The last two times we moved I was away on the job when my wife was setting up the kitchen. It took me weeks to figure out where everything is. In fact I still don’t know where some of the stuff is in our current kitchen. Add to that my advanced stage of CRS, I am really lost a lot of times. However I do know how to make coffee 😉

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6 comments on “How about some coffee?
  1. stef says:

    I have the same problem! Fortunately we haven’d moved in a long time. But oftentimes when I empty the dishwasher, I find mysterious kitchen implements that I just leave on the counter, because I have no idea where they’re supposed to go, and I don’t want to upset my wife’s system.

    Add to that the problem of male tunnel vision. Sometimes you can hide stuff from me by simply moving it a bit to the side.

  2. KenH says:

    Follow these steps carefully:



  3. retired AME says:

    also I have learned to fly with Alois an made my circumnavigtion with the OE9275 in the past century!

  4. retired AME says:

    Later as AME i found out that follow the rules is importand to keep your cert´s alive!
    And someone has to write or teach the rules, right?

  5. Jean Loup says:

    Me I have my own kitchen & brew my own coffee. The mother of my sons has her own kitchen, at the OTHER SiDE of the Hacienda!

  6. Magnus Danielson says:

    Well, it could be a good plan to have Hans know how to do the coffee, in the long term. Could make up for the short term loss.

    I do recognize the problem of knowing where stuff is and where stuff should go. Love to figure out the place for yet another thing.

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