Usual level of productivity

Have you ever had your friends, or even better, your kids, help you with a project? It can be a lot of fun but the “productivity level” is not always as high as it could be.

It seems that especially in aviation, the more people show up to “help”, the more the project is getting discussed rather than actually worked on. I seem to have walked away in the past with the aircraft looking exactly like it did in the morning. But somehow I was many opinions, thoughts, ways, and ideas on what to do and exactly how richer 😉

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One comment on “Usual level of productivity
  1. Captain Dunsel says:

    I’ve read that part of the training for the WWII American OSS included a ‘team building’ exercise, where the trainee was assigned a helper and told to assemble something. What the trainee wasn’t told was the his/her ‘helper’ was actually intended to interfere with the task by being a clumsy oaf. The actual test was to see the trainee’s patience level.


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