Did you do any drugs today?

Hans is continuing his thorough investigation into Chuck’s drug habits. I wonder what dark secrets he will bring to light in the end! And although in this context it isn’t meant in that way, I’m sure “going down in flames” is code for something to do with drugs. I don’t even know half the language for that stuff in my mother tongue. But I can vividly remember the day when I was offered “a slow one” and “a fast one” on the same day in a, back then notorious, subway station in Vienna. I still don’t know what they were trying to sell me.

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5 comments on “Did you do any drugs today?
  1. Merijn @ home says:

    Congratulations on your award/commendation for your Airmanship in Greece!


    Although you might consider it being just normal and being part of your job,
    i think everybody hopes to be able to act in the same way when the needs arises.
    or we hope that somebody else reacts when we would be in need.


  2. mike says:

    Thank you for the kudos, Merjin!
    I guess something that didn’t occur to us until after the fact is that this thing might actually blow up right when we are above it. But we are all glad it didn’t 😉
    We probably would have done the same thing but hoped for the best. You would be amazed how routine it felt and everybody was just doing their job. Only after it was all over, plastered on Facebook, and the reactions were coming in did we realize what REALLY went on especially at ground level with the downed pilots…..

  3. Captain Dunsel says:

    Good work, Mike, and congratulations! 🙂


  4. Speedsix says:

    Congrats on both the successfull action and the well deserved award!
    This incident really could have ended differently if not for your comeradeship.

    BTW: So, that´s the way you look in real life!

    Cheers, Martin

  5. mike says:

    Thanks guys!
    There was a lot of luck involved in the operation – especially on the CL-215 pilot side. Them being able to pan-cake the aircraft in and save their lives, then us having come right out of the water dip site with a full tank and just having crossed near their flight path, and then the immediate water drop without drifting or missing. You change any of these factors and it would have been a totally different outcome. They were very grateful and being able to watch them escape and then meeting them later was one of the greatest experiences in my aviation career…..

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