Chicken Wings Classic – Fly as if …

I don’t own a plane, but I do own a house. Well, technically, I own [(the house – the open mortgage) / 2], but although the difference to how I treated my rented apartments to how I treat my house is noticeable, it is not huge. I was always an exemplary renter and treated the apartment with respect. Not just because I wanted my deposit back, but because I’m a stickler for efficiency and hate waste. I don’t just disklike wasting my own time, money and energy, I also dislike wasting other peoples resources. Ask me how I feel about our taxes and public spending, haha!

Anyway, I do admit that I am thinking way more long term and financially calculating when it comes to my own property. And of course, I end up doing way more work myself!

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2 comments on “Chicken Wings Classic – Fly as if …
  1. JPKalishek says:

    When living in my last rental, I spent much time doing work and fixing things, I traded my time and labor, plus the cost of material for my rent. I got somewhere over 6 months of “free” rents.
    Now I own my own house (loaned myself the money from a retirement plan. 5 years and it’ll be paid back, plus 3.5%) so I own mine outright (well, except for those pesky state, county, and city, property taxes. Don’t pay those and they want to take your stuff).
    I just spent the morning doing a bit of work on the entry door, and the windows on my enclosed porch.

  2. Magnoire says:

    I own my house as an inheritance from my parents. I wish my 25 year old niece who lives with me, treated it a bit better. >.<

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