Corsair pistons

In principle, some things are just as much fun when you’re six years old as when you’re 60. And I think popping bubble wrap is definitely on that list. The only difference is, that, as a kid, you don’t have as easy access to bubble wrap as when you’re an adult, but on the other hand more time if you do. Nowadays, I am usually busy packing or unpacking something and rarely find the time for a few pops. Unless it’s bubble wrap with particularly large or tiny bubbles. You need to appreciate those. Anyway, I can totally understand Chuck in the last panel!

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4 comments on “Corsair pistons
  1. Rod says:

    There is an App for that!!

  2. Quill says:

    One can never be too old to enjoy bubble wrap! Probably the most gratifying 3 seconds of my life was when I apprentice at a bike shop, I was taking out the trash and found a strip of those big “air cell” packing things. I lay it down on the sidewalk and grabbed a bicycle, possibly one of those “fat bikes” with wide balloon tires, and ran over the air cells. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!
    I also note the size of the pistons in Chuck’s hands, I assume this was, like the other scenes with the Corsair, intentionally scaled down to look more appropriate in the frame. The real thing, according to Wikipedia, is 5.75 in (146mm) bore, that’s a really big piston! And a Corsair has 18 of them!

  3. YawningMan says:

    We had a huge roll of this in our shop while I was in the Marines.

    I am sad to report there came a day when I had actually popped enough bubble wrap.

    I don’t think I’ve popped bubble wrap in over a decade. Oh, but the first two years I worked in the shop must’ve been really annoying to everyone else around me.

  4. FotoJunky says:

    I am surprised chuck ordered two instead of one. Ordering one at a time is double shipping, so double bubblewrap. 🙂

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