Pro-sealing the wing root

I venture to say that each and every one of you who ever had to deal with pro-seal in one way or another, will be able to relate to this strip. No matter how much you prepare before you start sealing, it will always be a mess. And even if you’re not a mechanic or homebuilder, you can also tell just by looking at a pro-seal job (during your preflight, for example), that the application process must have been a mess by the little streaks that come off from the sealed area. Sometimes you also find wipe marks where the mechanic desperately tried to wipe of the excess sealant. Pro-seal has the tendency to just end up EVERYWHERE, your clothes, the floor, all over the aircraft, and of course your phone since you always get that one phone call you really need to answer right after you mixed the sealant. I am sure this probably applies to most resins or anything that comes in two compounds to be mixed before applying, but in my experience pro-seal has been the worst. The smell of it doesn’t help either.

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7 comments on “Pro-sealing the wing root
  1. Robert Starnes says:

    OOoooohh Yeahh… and I’ve got the pile of ruined clothes to prove it.

  2. JP Kalishek says:

    anti-seize. That stuff grows, but eventually you can get it cleaned off.

  3. Wade Moeller says:

    At the homebase in California, the mechanics tend to put fuel lube where the chief pilot is likely to touch. And since it never dries out, each booby trap lasts until found. “I hate fuel lube, it gets everywhere!”

  4. TowpilotKen says:

    Anyone remember Prussian Blue? That stuff “expands” like anti-seize and is completely invisible when applied to a dark-colored telephone handset. Guess why I know that.

  5. Flying Wrench says:

    Been there, done that. It is easier to not make a mess if you have a tube of the stuff in an applicator gun, but even then you will find little gray smudges where you didn’t expect any. External panels are easy, wet wing fuel tanks are a different story…

  6. ThisGuy says:

    Im just surprised Julio isn’t covered in Pro-seal simply by proximity.

  7. Joshua says:

    I can relate to that, modeling glue and spray paint seem to do something similar to me often. It gets on everything but what you want it to.

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