Chuck having his hands full at HAI

It’s that time of the year again. What I am talking about of course is that time when Chuck is headed to the International Helicopter Convention “HAI Heli-Expo”. Since he is such an important figure, not to mention the chief pilot of Roost-Air, I’m sure that HAI won’t be able to go on without him. And in typical Chuck-fashion he once again has all his priorities straight – see the ladies at Vertical Magazine, collect as much helicopter swag as he can carry, and scope out where they are giving out the free beer. Some things may never change I guess.

And speaking of our friends at Vertical Magazine, stop by their booth (Booth #9533) and say Hello if you are there. Or you can follow them AND the show through their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds.

And look for their “Show us your Swag” Contest with give-aways!

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One comment on “Chuck having his hands full at HAI
  1. Bernd says:

    Speaking of fairs, it’s almost time to start planning for AERO 2016. Will you be there? Weather permitting I’ll fly there again from EDLI. It’s a great experience.

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