Chicken Wings Classic – Cat Scan

So, as briefly mentioned last Friday, this is the very last strip of the very first book. We are now over thousand strips further down the road and in the middle of working on the newest book. That’s right! There will be a new Chicken Wings book this summer! We’re not 100% sure when exactly but we are happy to report that the biggest hurdles (printing being the main one in the bunch) have been overcome and that we are now getting closer to finalizing lose ends every day.

You guys helped a great deal with the cover a while back, which we highly appreciate since discussing the cover also seems to always hold us up a bunch. And then there is just some good old procrastination involved as well (“procrastination”, the art of keeping up with yesterday) with the real life changes we went through in the last two years that made the cartoon world having to wait.

As for today’s strip: Since these comics were originally designed to just be passed around the office and were often based on real life events involving real life mechanics and pilots, we had to clean up the language a little in order to be able to have all ages read our stuff. But you can pretty much imagine what originally said on the last panel 😉

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4 comments on “Chicken Wings Classic – Cat Scan
  1. Semu says:

    I operate a B747 freighter. We got mice on one plane, and traps and poison didn’t work. Of course, carrying unmanifested mice across borders can lead to paperwork and fines. Taking the plane up to 39,000 feet, depressurizing and flying around on oxygen for twenty minutes didn’t work. Putting a cat on the plane for a few days worked. I do believe a litterbox was included however.

  2. mike says:

    HAHA! Thank you so much for sharing that awesome story, Semu! I was laughing really hard reading it.
    Here is another great example for real life imitating our comics! When we first did this strip, we had no idea this actually happened before.

  3. Tampa says:

    Mother nature had millions of years to make cats the vicious little killing machines that they are, Australia can sing a song about that I’m sure. My cat is basically a poop-factury turning catfood into litterbox maintenance, but I have had the occasional offering to the mighty hand who opens the catfood, so as lazy as she is, she is still a mostly wild animal capable of some serious destruction. Let mother nature take its course.
    I like the idea of depressurizing the plane, but with the high heart rate of mice and rats that is probably not going to work. Best bet, seal the plane and fill it with co2, if you don’t have a hungry cat around.

  4. Kristian Fahlstrøm says:

    I guess some of you have seen this cool movie from Youtube?

    Mutch along the same lines though

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