Chicken Wings Classic – Mouse in the cockpit

It is time for another classic comic again. This particular one rounded out or first book which is now well over 10 years ago. The idea came when I was working on getting an old Cessna Skymaster through its annual inspection which hadn’t been flown in over a year and seemed to have a rat problem. What all I found in there after taking off the floor panels was pretty gross to say the least. I’ll spare you guys the details. It would have been nice to just have a cat take care of everything. Or would it? …

Also, I hope some of you were able to go to AERO in Friedrichshafen this week. It’s a very cool show which I am bummed to miss. But Stefan is there! Say Hello to him at the “Fliegermagazin” booth (A5-325) at 3pm today if you guys are in the area.

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3 comments on “Chicken Wings Classic – Mouse in the cockpit
  1. Magnoire says:

    My Daddy had a skunk in his cockpit of his Gooney Bird when he was stationed in Greece in WWII. It was frightened when he started the engine and jumped out from under the pilot’s seat. The doors hadn’t been closed yet so the skunk ran out the door. Fortunately, it didn’t spray but after it ran off the plane, it ran into a hanger.Daddy didn’t stick around to find out what happened after that!

  2. Joshua says:

    Lol, i spoke to a lady who was in the W.A.S.Ps and she said there was a rattlesnake sleeping on the wing of a stearman and stayed there even while it was flying until it jumped out and landed in front of people who were standing at attention. Everyone ran off and thankfully no one got bit.

  3. Captain Dunsel says:

    My wife and I were at our club’s old R/C field, flying our glow-powered models. I noticed what I thought was a small dog watching us from our the storage building our club had made from an old shipping container.
    Getting a closer look, we realized it was a young fox. It was fascinated by us and our models and just sat there watching us fly. It would back up whenever we started an engine, then come to within about 20 feet of us when we flew — just sitting on it’s haunches, watching the models.
    That went on for well over an hour. When we landed for the last times and started packing up, the fox got up, turned around,and trotted off. I guess it realized the show was over!

    Never saw it again, nor did anyone else report seeing it. This was in a rural area, with several horse farms surrounding it.


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