Chuck’s Aircraft Tools

You just don’t mess with a man’s tools, period. It doesn’t matter if that man is an aircraft mechanic, or car mechanic, or a male chicken working on cartoon airplanes. Aviation tools are expensive and a life-time investment and guys rightfully get very protective of them.

In my house we have two different systems. I have a MAC toolbox almost exactly like the one Julio uses. It’s not super organized with tool shadowing anymore but everything has its place. My wife has a “tool bowl”. It’s an old salad bowl with a bunch of random tools in it. She claims there is a system but even if there was, it sure would be hard to figure out for the average guy. Somehow when I’m gone for longer periods, some of my tools seem to wander out of my tool box just to miraculously end up in her “tool bowl”. Doesn’t always make me happy but at least I know where to look when something is missing out of my box.

P.S.: Sorry for posting later than usual! We were experiencing internet connection problems.

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4 comments on “Chuck’s Aircraft Tools
  1. KenH says:

    Chuckles, you would use that one time
    then, I would use it on your NECK

  2. Bernd says:

    Mike, at least she always puts the tools in one consistent place after using them. In our household neither I nor my wife do that. Then again, we’re both not really tool people. I know how to use a soldering iron and a wire cutter in a pinch, but usually I’m more of an academic guy 🙂

    I thought the last frame in this comic was rather predictable. Still funny. Reminds of the two(!) times I had to cut a lock from my son’d bicycle with a bolt cutter. The first time he had lost his keys, the second time some prankster had put a new lock around his bike. Always made me a bit self-conscious. Although I knew I was perfectly within my right I still though I looked like a thief. Another time I witnessed some guy sawing off a foreign lock with a hacksaw on his own bike under the watchful eye of a police man. I think he had his bike registered and the serial number checked out so he could prove his ownership.

  3. ThunderClaw says:

    If that padlock is just a master lock he could pick it in about 15 seconds if he knew what he was doing… Knowing chuck though he’d end up breaking off at least one pick and getting one jabbed in him while trying.

  4. mike says:

    Wow, you guys are pretty rough on Chuck this week. Has he become predictable in his ripe age, or do you just know him too well already?
    I sure would like to go for a beer with KenH – he seems like a real ray of sunshine….

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