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I remember a similar incident when I was flying home from Okinawa. We had a layover in one of the really big Asian airports (I forget with one but the terminal was so large you couldn’t see from one end to the other and you would notice the earth’s curvature almost). To pass the time and in order to get ready for sitting in the plane for many hours we decided to walk the whole length and back. But of course as soon as we got to the very opposite of the gate we were supposed to depart from, I received a page to see somebody at said gate immediately. That was a long run back and it took more than the five minutes Chuck was given by Julio …

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  1. Merijn @ home says:

    On a work visit to Oslo Norway we had misstaken the last check in time and boarding time.
    Oslo terminal is also one long hallway.
    And Yes the Coffee corner we sat in was also on the other end.
    “We will proceed to unload your luggage”

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