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For the longest time, it was part of my wife and I’s daily routine to watch the evening news together. That tradition came to an abrupt halt, when son #1 stopped taking a nap at noon and started going to bed earlier. So now, we bring the two rascals to bed at around that time, and my TV consumption dropped to approximately 1h a month, if that. I can’t say I miss it! I have to get my news elsewhere, but nowadays, when you can read any online newspaper on your smartphone, I don’t feel like I’m missing out.

A few years back, when somebody told me they don’t even own a TV, I was wondering how that is even possible. Now I find myself looking for internet deals where I don’t have to pay for cable, since I don’t use it anyway. Alas, there are no options where passing on cable makes a real difference.

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7 comments on “Breaking news!
  1. Dix says:


    The same for:
    What is your contraception? – Children…

  2. Magnoire says:

    I feel your pain. I pay a fortune for cable but the only other options are the dish TVs. Um, no. There are a lot of outages down here due to weather.
    I also sleep with the TV on.
    I also don’t have any kids.

  3. jan olieslagers says:

    @Dix: broad grin – a real goodie!

    @Stefan/Mike: I never had a telly, except when the children where small, it kept them quiet on weekend mornings. News comes from the radio (you DO know what that is, a RADIO?) and from wikipedia’s home page. Quite sufficient.

  4. Captain Dunsel says:

    When I was kid (1960’s), I was often home alone, so I usually had the TV on for ‘noise’ (we didn’t have a radio — yes, we were borderline poor!).

    At college, I got used to the silence (no TV in my room), plus I love to read. Since I married my dear wife, the only time the TV is on is for news and a tiny handful of shows (mainly hers). It definitely helps that neither one of us can stand watching sports (especially US football), although she will sneak in the occasional figure skating competition.

    Otherwise, I’m on the computer much of the time, especially now that I’m retired — learning LInux and DraftSight to design the R/C models we fly.


  5. Dom says:

    “Are we getting a raise?” Oh Julio… You should know better than to ask that.

  6. Tarja says:

    yeeeaah, no cable in our house either for several years! 😀

  7. ThunderClaw says:

    chucks news sounds more like ‘fake news’ to me XP

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