Nobody move!

The internet never ceases to come up with new crazes, fads or fashions to entertain and engage us. (Notice how I just wrote about the internet as if it was an entity or creature? But that’s a whole other subject for another time). Planking, Gangnam style dance videos, the Harlem shake, the ice bucket challenge … the list goes on and on. The latest fad is the so called “mannequin challenge”, in which people try to enact a real life freeze frame, and somebody with a camera moves around and films the whole thing. There are a few really, really impressive ones out there. I remember one with a whole gymnast crew and one in a power lifter gym, where people hold perfectly still in positions that few other mortal men even can dream of getting into.

Anyway, I thought about how this mannequin challenge would play out in different scenarios or workplaces. If you work in a clothes store or at Madame Tussauds, you could probably participate in it without even being noticed. But I’m sure there are professions out there, such as lumberjack, zookeeper, firefighter or soldier, where freezing up could have some dire consequences.

That’s more or less how today’s comic strip was born, although the consequences for Chuck, Julio and Sally are seemingly not as dire.

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3 comments on “Nobody move!
  1. Merijn @ home says:

    I would have thought Hans would not have much problem not to move himself!

  2. reynard61 says:

    It gives new meaning to the term “Working Stiffs”…

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