If I should ever feel for a pseudonym, “Hotshot McThunderbolt” would probably be on top of the list too! But wait, now that I’ve mentioned that, I can’t really use it anymore. And “Maverick” clearly is taken. Hm, maybe “Ice … man”, periods and all. But then, I don’t like the cold very much. I can see why Chuck is having such a hard time!

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4 comments on “Pseudonym
  1. YawningMan says:

    C. Mallard Huck

  2. Jean Loup says:

    Funny, my pseudonym became my name. My french 1943 birth certificate says “Wolfgang Theodor” but very soon, because I made friends with wolfs in the woods of Chevreuse were we were hiding (mi general father lost the war) the old people that was helping us survive (we were considered “war criminals”) nicknamed me “Jean Loup” because those wolfs helped us hide during three days of “liberation” (not so good from the french side receiving alied fire). In 1948 we crossed the border into Spain: I learned Spanish & we were considered as “refugees”.

  3. Quill says:

    On the ideas of pseudonyms, I have a story a little bit like Jean Loup described. My real first name is Kristopher, but I decided not to use that when I was 10 or 11 because it was so common, every year in elementary school I had at least one other Christopher in my class, so I went by my middle name of Bradley. Later on, I came up with a quirky habit of writing with a goose feather with a ballpoint pen inside. In College, people started calling me “Quill” due to this. I became fairly famous, with people I’d never met calling me such. After a year of this, I decided to go with it, so everyone I meet I introduce myself to as that.

  4. Yawnitz says:

    No one else has brought it up, I am compelled to explain the pseudonym I have chosen for Chuck.

    First, it’s a pseudonym. What better way to throw people off the chicken trail then by including a well-placed “Mallard” in there? With “Huck” in the end, it even sounds like you’re saying “Mallard Duck” if you say it quickly.

    Then, there’s a better one. When he signs his book, he could sign it “C. Huck.” To which someone could reply with this website’s best tagline.

    So, there you have it. C. Mallard Huck.

    Oh, and what does the “C.” stand for? Uh… I didn’t come up with one.

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