Still working on the movie script?

Writing is definitely one of those things that look easier than they actually are. And a lot of people I know have ideas about stories, books and movies they would love to write, if they only could find the time. I know I do! But even though I don’t do a lot of writing, I have really learned some respect for the art over the years.

Writing comics comes rather easy by now, after many years of doing it. At least I have the technique down, coming up with ideas is a whole other subject. But when it comes to writing other things, such as these little blogs, or descriptions for our online shop, or prefaces for our books etc. I still break a sweat. It’s hard to be witty, concise, while keeping it interesting and bringing the point across. But I think having dabbled in writing makes me appreciate other people’s writing even more.

I’m sure this is true for most subjects. As an amateur guitar player, I think I can appreciate the craftsmanship and achievements of many professional musicians on a different level than a complete layman. Having dabbled in music, I know what it takes to get up on stage and have a vague idea of what it takes to become a star, just like maybe a recreational pilot can appreciate a Blue Angels pilot more than I can.

A friend of mine once told me how he would like to start a band, describing to me all the vivid details of how awesome it must be on stage. But when I asked him if he played any instrument, he said no. I neither want to bust that friends dreams nor want to sound like a downer, but, most likely, his band career is not going to happen. I have also met kids who thought it would be easy to fly a helicopter, after having “practiced it” in computer games.

This combination of overestimation of one’s own abilities and underestimation of what it takes to become a star is the basis of the whole industry of casting shows. And to be fair, I haven’t watched one of those in ages, but I remember that I always enjoyed the first rounds the most, where you can see the absolutely untalented cohort making asses of themselves.

That gave me an idea: How about an aviation themed casting show? Put wannabe pilots in airplanes and let them have a go! Action and entertainment would be guaranteed! But it would probably be rather expensive to produce.

Anyway, let me tie this all together by pointing out one more time how hard writing is. I’ve rambled on for a few paragraphs, moving on aimlessly from one subject to the next, without really gaining very much insight into anything except a couple of opinions I hold. Now you see why I draw chickens and don’t write blogs for a living.

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8 comments on “Still working on the movie script?
  1. Saskfan says:

    Hi there:

    I have X-Plane 9 installed on my i-Pad and I just have to ask; if flying a helicopter in real life is as easy as it is on a sim, how are you still alive? I can’t take off in a simulated helicopter without skidding it down the runway until the skids are on fire!

    I have watched the local helicopter ambulance service (STARS) land on the hospital next door to me (yes, they come here directly over my house, and I don’t mind, because it means that while someone’s day has gone horrifically wrong, they’ve got a chance to live). In a gusty wind, the pilot is sitting there, a few feet off the landing pad, bouncing around like a drop of water on a hot frying pan, and then land like it’s no big deal, while I’m tempted to cheer and clap for their performance.

    I ain’t no pilot, and I know it. I would like to try a real simulator, just to see how hard it really is to fly a helicopter. But there’s no way you’ll get me into the pilot seat of the real thing; I don’t have a death wish, nor do I want to take everyone on board and in my path with me when I crash it.

    On the other hand, I was in a celtic band through the ’90s. I know how hard that job is, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I salute successful musicians AND pilots everywhere!

    Ciao from Darkest Saskatchewan

  2. KKrummy says:

    I told my flight instructor once during my primary training that flying an ILS was easy. You just center the needles and then look up at minimums and land. The next time up she put me under the hood and I found out how easy it was to do a slow roll. A little learning can be a dangerous thing.

  3. reynard61 says:

    “That gave me an idea: How about an aviation themed casting show? Put wannabe pilots in airplanes and let them have a go! Action and entertainment would be guaranteed! But it would probably be rather expensive to produce.”

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure that removing wrecked airplanes and hospitalizing equally wrecked would-be pilots would put a strain on the budget…

  4. Johsua says:

    That show would probably be the 5 minutes from the pilot of Airwolf where Blaze proves he can fly.

  5. Neil II says:

    @KKRummy: as I said, I’m no pilot. But seat-of-the-pants didn’t help?

  6. FotoJunky says:

    Physics is a bitch…. You can “feel” where down under is, as long as you are flying straight. However as soon as you start turning, centrifugal forces come into play. You will still think you know where down is, but the ground may be sneaking up on you from a very different angle….

  7. KKrummy says:

    Vertigo is a bitch! I was absolutely convinced the instruments were wrong. Took 15 minutes to get my act together. Seat of the pants in INC is a killer.

  8. KKrummy says:

    IMC freaking autocorrect!

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