A mean fighting machine

Oops! I did it again. I don’t mean “played with your heart and got lost in the game”, but “forgot to upload a strip on Tuesday”! Well, only a few days left until I turn 40, so maybe that counts as an excuse? And I don’t know why I just put a question mark here at the end of that sentence, but now I’m gonna leave it? Because when I type, I sometimes hear myself talking in my head? And for some reason, my inner voice had the intonations of, like, one of those girls who raise their voice at the end of their sentences, so every sentence sounds like a question? Okay, I’ll stop. It must have been the mental image of Britney Spears in school uniform that triggered me.

Anyway, sorry, folks! Looks like the rat is doomed, doesn’t it? It is funny to read all the reactions of people’s vermin problems and solutions!

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One comment on “A mean fighting machine
  1. Larry says:

    Sounds more like the cat is doomed

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