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Rat showdown

Well it seems that one should not judge books by their covers, or cats by their circumference. And now that the cat is history, normal operations can resume at Roost Air. That is, if we accept a rather broad definition

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A mean fighting machine

Oops! I did it again. I don’t mean “played with your heart and got lost in the game”, but “forgot to upload a strip on Tuesday”! Well, only a few days left until I turn 40, so maybe that counts

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Rat removal strategy

While we are kept waiting to find out what happens next, we get to meet Hans’s cat at least. Is it just me, or do I see a close resemblance to the famous Garfield in that cat. I wonder why

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Looks like we’ve got a rat

And the “Rat Saga” goes on. Looking at all your posts from earlier this week it seems to me that snakes are almost a bigger problem than rats. EEEK! I have never had one in the hangar or inside an

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