Chicken Wings Classic – Last known position

We thought it is time for a new classic. Many jokes have been made in aviation about the “last known position”. This one is our version from back when Chuck first burst on the flying scene. It’s hard to believe he is still going strong and moving forward with his aviation adventures. It’s even harder to believe that he still has a job, but I guess one needs to take into account that Chuck usually means well. We can’t stay mad at him for too long and even Julio seems to forgive most of Chucks missteps, HAHA.

By the way, who of you were around back in the old Black-and-white Chicken Wings days? I think we went online in 2004-ish …

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7 comments on “Chicken Wings Classic – Last known position
  1. Mario says:

    Hard to believe that I have been reading Chicken Wings Comics for allready tenish years.

  2. Tampa says:

    “Unknown airport with Cessna 152 circling overhead, identify yourself”

  3. Yawnitz says:

    My forum registration is from Fall 2006, so I wasn’t there in the beginning. It won’t be long until I’ve been with you for ten years, though.

    I still haven’t got 200 posts, though. I thought I was chattier than that.

  4. markm says:

    Wouldn’t that be in his flight plan?

  5. Jim Hammond says:

    Been following for quite a while, seem to remember the strip used to feature in avweb, or am I having a senior moment?

  6. Deathknyte says:


    Chuck? Flight plan? Really?


  7. eekee says:

    I wish I was. I’ve been an avid webcomic reader since the tail end of 2003, but somehow I failed to find Chicken Wings until this month.

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