Who was that screaming?

I know, this one isn’t very aviation related. But is it? Working in aviation I have dealt with rats more than I ever thought I would nor cared to deal with. Had them in the hangar, in the plane, in the parts room (where the idea may or may not have come from … strongly leaning towards “may”), inside construction trailer we worked out of, at the helibase, and so forth. You get my drift.

What came first? The hangar or the rat?
Where have you found rats so far?

Anyway, we had a lot of fun making this strip. The line that Julio got for the first panel and Chuck for the last one had us giggling the whole time writing and drawing this. Enjoy!

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13 comments on “Who was that screaming?
  1. Yawnitz says:

    Don’t feel bad, Chuck. I thought it was Sally, too.

  2. Jean Loup says:

    Sorry about my past querry, I did not think it was half a joke.

  3. Merijn @ home says:

    Ein über Felsensteinhänger

  4. jan olieslagers says:

    Me too thought it was Sally – stereotypes are so easy to adhere to, arent’t they? Which only speaks for today’s strip, really well done!

    To continue on a previous reply: I understand that for chewing wire insulation mice are not enough, I was always told it is a marten’s job. Where I live (some 10 NM ENE of Brussel) I never had any indication of rats, but there do be mice in the kitchen and something does eat the wires on my Ducato van.

  5. Johsua says:

    It looks like it is time for another cat-scan.

  6. Wade Moeller says:

    Rats? Pffft. Had 4 baby rattlesnakes in the hangar in the last 2 weeks. My boss didn’t scream like a little girl, but he did do a funny little shimmy/dance when he almost stepped on one. Then the chief pilot found another one a couple days later. I came back from lunch to see him standing in the middle of the hangar with a broom and fiddling with his phone. Then I found one after picking up several crates. It was hiding under a jackstand that was sitting up next to the crate. I know I didn’t do a funny little dance nor did I scream. I covered it with a cup, then scooped it up with the snake inside and popped a top on it. The airport manager took it with him. The last snake was found by the chief pilot as well. He found a non-poisonous snake smashed under the hangar doors, but being worried about just how dead the snake was, he went to grab a broom to sweep it outside. The rattlesnake was sitting with the brooms.

    I do not know if there was screaming involved when the chief pilot found the snakes.

  7. Tampa says:

    Spiders invoke similar reactions and I had to deal with three of those today. Shudder.

  8. Chasing rats is a pain.
    But not as not big a pain as when the 6 foot snake fell out of the DC3 aft fuselage and landed on my chest.
    Good news: It was just an ordinary rat snake.
    We went our separate ways.

  9. Deja Moo says:

    Last ET shack I worked in, a guy went into the woods out our back door and brought in a snake (non-venomous). I didn’t want anything to do with it.The snake was doing just fine out in the woods, and I was just fine with the snake in the woods. The guy got his come-uppance, though. He was showing it around, holding it by the neck with the snake writhing, when the snake had enough and shot stinky excrement all over. Maybe cleaning that mess taught him to leave well enough alone.

  10. Leia says:

    No rats int he hangar yet. Toads, frogs, voles, two ant hills, and spiders everywhere but not rats. (That I’ve SEEN!)

  11. RG2Cents says:

    No rats, but I found 3 baby possums in the janitor closet, and a friend of mine found a racoon in the radar tower…

  12. Fbs says:

    There is a RAT in almost every large plane….

  13. Fbs says:

    And usually he comes out when you’re in deep shit…

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