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Should I get a weather briefing?

So, there I was on this little survey job flying a Long Ranger all over the Western States. The job ran long due to constant weather issues (since their corporate department decided the spring would be a good idea to

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Talking about the weather

The weather is an almost inexhaustible subject for conversation. What it’s like today, what it was like yesterday, how it’s supposed to be tomorrow, how we wish it would be like, how it was around this time last year, how

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Challenging weather

By the time you read this, Mike and I have already been skiing a week, hopefully with lots of snow! Right now, as I’m typing this in advance, the weather forecast doesn’t look too bad, not a lot of sun,

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Ancient native dance

It seems people have been dancing rather erratically recently here where I live. Last week we had sunshine and 20°C so you could even sunbathe outside. The last couple of days it was snowing again, with the occasional intermezzo of

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