Too icy and windy?

I have to admit, this strip seemed funnier when we first wrote it than it does this week. I was caught smack dab in the middle of the US Airlines Winter Armageddon of 2022 which is still going on. I hope none of you had to travel anywhere for Christmas with the airlines last weekend. What a mess! It will take days to get this sorted out again. A white Christmas is a lot less romantic if you have to go somewhere by plane, lol. I have only one true day off today before I have to head back into the airline winter abyss. The last trip sure was, let’s call it “interesting”, and the next one will truly be an adventure from what I see on the forecast. You probably won’t hear from me until the next year.

We wish all of you a happy remainder of the holidays and a very Happy New Year from the coop! Let’s all link up again in 2023 for more adventures with Chuck and Julio.


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2 comments on “Too icy and windy?
  1. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    Broad smile! First and above all, many many thanks for the entertainment you have been offering in 2022, AND for your apparent intention to continue in 2023.

    That said, transportation has seen bad days recently. Especially in North America, with the very bad storm around. But even in Europe, where winter is generally mild, there were issues. The EuroStar highspeed strain between London and the continent even had to charter a plane to get some of their crews from France to Old Blighty – quite amusing I thought it, and a bit of a shame on them! They are supposed to offer a valid alternative for air travel, and yet when things went pear-shaped they had to relay on an aeroplane themselves.

    Best wishes for 2023, good luck to the storm-stricken in North America, and do keep up the good work!

  2. Robert L Bailey says:

    Chuck…am prayin, fair skies and following jet streams for you this winter….bb

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