A timely Christmas Gift

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A proverb that goes back to Benjamin Franklin, and apparently was written in precisely the context of Philadephia’s efforts of fire-prevention. I think Julio really picked the perfect gift for Chuck here! While I don’t own welding equipment like Chuck, we plan on putting real candles on our tree again this year. Of course we’ll have a fire extinguisher ready, because I agree with Mr. Franklin’s sentiment. (Although I disagree somewhat on the exchange rate of 1:16 that is implied by using the units ounce and pound, haha).


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2 comments on “A timely Christmas Gift
  1. L says:

    Welding on a wooden table (or workbench) is not a good idea. At least have a sheet metal top for the table but a full metal table is best. And it conveniently serves as a grounding plane!
    See, safety AND convenience in one package. Something Chuck might never understand. 😝

  2. Keith says:

    Ha! Love it. Mind, I have in fact welded cast steel with a rig like that. And it was on/on wood. No smoke even. The look on the face of the mechanic who said it could be done was priceless. Yes, he owed me a six pack.

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