The Christmas Bonus

Merry Christmas fellow chickens in the coop! We wish you the best for the New Year and hope you guys get to relax at home with family for some Silent Night action with eggnog and good food. Maybe some of you even received an actual Christmas bonus?

Christmas is a magical time, as Hans stated correctly in the last panel. It certainly was for us as kids. I really enjoy seeing the magic still in my nephews eyes around this time. What an event with a seemingly endless lead-up for a little guy! When I was a kid, the weeks before Christmas took forever and every night I dreamed about the gift I really wanted and wondered if I’d get it. Nowadays the Pre-Christmas time is gone in a flash with tons of stuff to do.
Speaking of long weeks and stuff to do: This strip was one of those projects which had a hundred different inceptions and re-writes and the final product ended up not even closely resembling the original idea from 3 weeks ago. But I am happy with how it turned out. I love Hans’s face in the last panel and his punch line.

Enjoy the Holidays and we’ll see you back here at Roost-Air in the New Year!

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One comment on “The Christmas Bonus
  1. Fotojunkie says:

    I am just hoping for a bonus big enough to check your six 😉

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