Cutting costs

Is anybody else’s Christmas spending getting out of hand? I am finding that this year I seem to be going down the same path Hans’s wife takes every year. I guess the advantage of missing so many Christmases while working in foreign countries is that it curbs my shopping enthusiasm. I always thought I hated shopping. But this is the first Christmas in years I get to spend at home and with my wife. Of course what is really getting me right now are things at/in/around the house breaking at the same time. I wonder if this is built into many household items. It’s awfully strange everything seems to break right before Christmas.

On behalf of Roost-Air, Chuck, Julio and Stef, I want to wish you all many silent nights and less work, family, or other stress and a very merry Christmas! Of course as every year, we encourage you to eat red meat and fish rather than poultry for all the obvious reasons.

Oops, I just remembered … I need to buy more zip ties!

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4 comments on “Cutting costs
  1. Fbs says:

    Zip ties costs very little but can save quite a lot. Everything moving eventually breaks. And given the cost of aviation spare parts..

  2. Joshua says:

    Moving wires is why my airplane won’t have any electrics, including lights, in the wings. In fact, it won’t have any lights at all. When you plan to pull 10+ g this becomes important.

    Which reminds me, some Christmas shopping. I wonder how many people on my list would enjoy a few good comics 🙂

  3. DeanRW says:

    A few relaxing days are always welcome. Regarding Christmas, I’m among the ones who consider it as a mere convention, nevertheless I’m always happy to spend the day with my family.

    On a not so unrelated note, winter solstice will be tomorrow, Friday, at 22:23 UTC. I might bring out the telescope to celebrate (hoping for a clear sky), which reminds me that I have to get some zip ties as well, in order to avoid messy (and potentially dangerous) Kabelsalaten. 🙂

  4. Jan Olieslagers says:

    Yes, merry mid-winter feasting to all, and most of all to our genius creator brothers! Thanks for your generous offer, and may it long endure, for our alther eternal aviatic smile!

    Days are at their shortest now, light will be growing, hope ever increasing!

    As to the subject of “cost cutting”, that seems really an obsession with US’an companies these days – even if I live and work in western Europe, my main customer is such a US company. Recently they reduced the cantina to the bare essentials, and now even watering the green plants has been stopped, for lack of budget… but neither is there a budget for removing them. Seems very very short-sighted – Hans always looked like that, not stupid but lacking long-term vision; and perhaps more US managers.

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