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No more oil dripping

Actually, a lot of problems *do* go away if you wait a little while. I use this tactic sometimes in real life, although it takes some kind of discernment to tell the appropriate cases from the inappropriate ones. If you

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Engine and glider

This is another one of my personal favorites. The artwork is great and the glider looks like you can step in and fly away. But the ending in this one is something we haven’t done before. We wanted to lead

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Mike is off to Oshkosh today. I’m looking forward to his tales! I’m quite busy here holding down the fort and working on commissions. Not Chicken Wings related, but hey, a man’s got to eat. Have fun y’alls in Wisconsin!!

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Moody and selfish

Well, well, I wonder if we get any hatemail about “demeaning pilots” with this strip! Or maybe feminist hatemail. That’d be a first! Although many a woman has commented privately that they think Sally is quite the sexist stereotype. (Well,

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