Still confused?

I must admit, as a helicopter pilot, things above 18,000 feet MSL get a little confusing to me as well. I have not yet learned how to read high altitude weather prog charts, just to name one example, or anything of that nature other than the bare minimums to pass a checkride. It just never comes up in regular every-day helicopter life. When I was a flight instructor teaching airspace, I used to tell my students “Class A” airspace stood for “A as in – Ain’t gonna happen in a helicopter”. There is a reason why there are no pressurized helicopter cabins, LOL.

I do love Jason’s line in the second panel. For a guy who’s often confused (and who can blame him with Chuck teaching him) he often gets witty lines.

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One comment on “Still confused?
  1. ThisGuy says:

    “There is a reason why there are no pressurized helicopter cabins”

    Well, to be technically correct (the best kind of correct) there are some combat helicopters that have pressurized crew compartments. They are for operating in NBC conditions however, not for high altitude operation.

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