Two types of pilots

I know Mike is definitely the first type of pilot. A whole garage full of radio controlled cars and model submarines can attest to that! But on the other hand, when he’s not flying, he also spends a lot of his time on Chicken Wings, which one could also classify as an aviation-related activity, I guess.

Myself, I’m not a pilot, but I also am more of the first type when it comes to cartooning. I guess at some point this happens to everybody who turns their hobby and/or passion into a job. You can get your fill on even the most fun or interesting activities, such as flying helicopters or drawing comics.

But in both our cases, it sure is great that, after indulging in our hobbies, we can come back to a job we love! That’s really worth a lot!

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One comment on “Two types of pilots
  1. James says:

    I do play Flight Simulator as a way of practicing for flight school and all of the 10 year olds who think they’re master pilots are basically summed up by Chuck in the last panel

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