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It is only a matter of time when playing with a flight simulator until you start doing things you can’t actually do in real life. Ever since the first flight sims came out for the PC, I remember us kids doing all kinds of Roost-Air-esque silly things nobody would dare doing had they actually been sitting in a real plane.

Even in the last few minutes of full motion sim training with my current job some say there might have been a few tries seeing if we can land that big helicopter on top of the roof of a house for example and other things I will vehemently deny if asked directly. So, it comes to no surprise to me that Chuck lives out some of his flying fantasies after a routine day of mostly straight and level aviating. And since Chuck always has to have the latest, most realistic flight sims available, why wouldn’t there be a Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) over Washington with a FRZ (Area Flight Restricted Zone) over the White House?
I always enjoy the recurring line “most realistic flight sim EVER”. I think we have at least one of those in pretty much every book we make.

Random question for our online readers: Do any of you own old original black and white photos of WW2 planes? We are still looking for a few to finish our “Moments in Aviation History” Book. We would give you credit for the photos in the book, of course. We have found that especially German fighter planes are hard to find (as in “find WITH the rights to reproduce them in our book”).
If you do, and you want your name in our new book, please write me at

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