A good investment

Looks like the belt loader will disappear again. I didn’t even have a chance to show what it could do for Roost Air. We might never see its true potential now. Anyone else think Hans is acting out of emotion there? For a “big picture” guy, this might have been a rash decision on his part. Of course, if Hans was to make good decisions all the time, Roost Air might be a way more profitable operation all together.

If you guys have ideas about what all the gang could be doing with the belt loader, please write us. Maybe we will hang on to it.


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5 comments on “A good investment
  1. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    I regret having to report disappointment in Sally. I always liked her very much for a very good office assistant, in fact the most able person at Roost aviation next only to Julio.

    I like to think of her as diligent, knowing when to _not_ speak out, dependable, cheery. Perhaps not very bright nor very much aviation-minded, but that’s not what she was hired for.

    Today however she seems almost like poor Hans’ mother in law – what a shame in contrast. Making the good old guy give up his bright new acquisition – one that almost managed to keep Chuck out of harm’s way…

    On the hopeful side, it might not find a buyer quick, so with any luck we will see it around for a few more gags.

  2. The Oldest Tiger says:

    Hans could also sell it to the FBO next door that Nobo and Ray work at.

  3. Mendel says:

    I really want them to use it as a flight simulator, maybe a climb in Chuck’s Corsair?
    Or use it to serve Sushi in style!
    Make tools come to Julio instead of handing them to him.
    Or use it to jack something up that ought not be jacked up that way.
    Water Bucket Plane Wash.
    The cheapskate version of “Your Home from Above”

  4. RG2Cents says:

    Actually, I think Sally is pretty resourceful. Without even trying, she found a practical use for something nobody but Hans and Chuck thought useful.

  5. Jeff Cassell says:

    Saw a motorized belt loader go “full on” once in ATL; not sure how it happened, but the belt was launching bags a good fifteen feet across the ramp. Hilarious.

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