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Snow chains

And it looks like he just bought some 30 year old second hand chains on Craigslist and they came in a 60 year old box. Well, a penny saved is a penny earned!

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Challenging weather

By the time you read this, Mike and I have already been skiing a week, hopefully with lots of snow! Right now, as I’m typing this in advance, the weather forecast doesn’t look too bad, not a lot of sun,

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Snowing hard

Half of Austria is buried in buried in snow right now. And Mike and I are a bit bummed that we didn’t book our regular annual skiing trip in January as we usually do. Well, I’m sure there’ll be some

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Awesome new snowblower

We begin this year with another repost from the olden days of our former website. It’s actually one of our own favorites, and it totally fits to the current weather in many parts of Europe and the States! I hope

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