Snowman House of Horror

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a good transition into 2018! I slept through midnight and all the fireworks, like the last few years. But I have the feeling that maybe next year, or in a couple of years, the kids will be old enough and my wife and I’s accumulated sleep deprivation will be dissipated enough for us to stay up again and welcome the new year with champagne and watching the fireworks from our garden, like in the olden days.

Anyway, here’s our new strip! Those of you who know us, will be aware that we’re big Calvin and Hobbes fans. Unfortunately, there’s no snow here yet. And even if it snows, we never get more than a couple of feet. But it’s on my bucket list to, one day, build a Snowman House of Horror just like Calvin, or in this case, Julio.

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3 comments on “Snowman House of Horror
  1. Baradium says:

    You should be able to built a pretty nice snowman with a couple feet of snow! I built a snowman with a little over an inch of snow once when I was little. I think it was almost as much mud as it was snow though.

  2. JPKalishek says:

    Not a whole lot of snow here, but we are too cold. Today is one of the warmer of the past week, and the temp is 12F/-11c
    Since Christmas we went from a high of 1f/-17 to several nights with lows of -15f/-26c
    I have a motorcycle I start every so often to keep it charged (i need to buy a replacement trickle charger for winter storage) and Saturday I found its AGM battery froze solid.
    It doesn’t get quite as cold in my garage and supposedly this is a snowmobile capable battery.
    Too cold
    And we are getting some more snow tonight. very little.

  3. Bernd says:

    Calvin and Hobbes is just the best comic I’ve ever read. So great to see you make an homage to them. I treated myself to one of their collection books (“The Days Are Just Packed”) when I got my computer-science degree (“Dipl.-Inform.”). Not sure if the Snowman House of Horror is in there but I remember various creative snowman projects Calvin did.

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