Snow shoveling challenge

While this post hopefully updates automatically on Tuesday, I should be in the middle of the Austrian alps, enjoying some snow myself! And by enjoying snow, I mean skiing of course, not eating snow. Although, occasionally, I happen to eat snow when skiing. It’s usually not an enjoyable experience though.

I sure hope there’ll be enough snow there. Here at home we haven’t really had any so far. Which I don’t mind. I only need it for skiing anyways, and shoveling my driveway or digging out and scraping ice off the cars aren’t on top of my list for fun winter activities either.

Holeredulijo, everyone!

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5 comments on “Snow shoveling challenge
  1. Bernd says:

    Hehe. Nice one. It’s not exactly “win-win”, but at least everyone *thinks* he won, which is probably just as good. Chuck got paid 5 bucks for a workout, Julio got 5 bucks for doing nothing except being clever, and Hans has (half) a snow-free ramp.

    I love snow, even if it means shoveling, but here in Northern Germany we don’t have any snow. But there has been frost for the last 3 nights, and on the second night our family car’s battery gave up and our own jump-start cable was a piece of garbage and didn’t work at all due to faulty design.

  2. JPKalishek says:

    We have less snow than predicted since they underestimated the first two snowfalls.
    Now the predicted amounts keep shrinking and we get only small amounts.
    Temps lately are much warmer, but it got cold enough to freeze the battery of my motorcycle in the garage. We had several weeks of well below normal, frigid temps, then yesterday it was quite warm after another small amount of snow (bit over an inch, maybe 3or4 cm).
    Now it is back to normal temps today, back to too warm the next two then back to below normal, but we might lose the snow to rain tomorrow and the day after.
    Hopefully it drys before we go back to below normal come next week or it will be a mess.

  3. Captain Dunsel says:

    We live in southern NJ, about 30 miles SE of Philadelphia. We received about 5″ of snow last week, followed by several days of temps well below freezing (down to 0F, which is rare around here).

    Yesterday, about a 1/4″ of rain fell onto the cold-soaked ground. This morning, the sidewalks were glazed ice — walking the dogs this morning was a challenge! Philadelphia Airport is shut down due to the icing and air travel backups are building.

    The forecast is for the temps to rise to around 40F/4C, so the ice’ll be gone by afternoon…hopefully! Glad my wife and I are retired and don’t have to go anywhere.


  4. Magnoire says:

    We actually had snow (sneaux) here in southeast Louisiana in early December!!! Everything shut down!!

  5. jan olieslagers says:

    I vaguely remember a simuilar but more complicated story about a master of chess harassed by two young ambitious carriere-makers. He got the better of them by betting at least a 50% score in a simultaneous game of blind chess, winning by having them play one another while himself scarcely looked at their moves.

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