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Herman Nelson Heater

If you are not familiar with the term “Herman Nelson” heater, then you are lucky. It’s an industrial heating system widely used in aviation, among other applications, to quickly heat hangars and aircraft. When I was flying the Skycranes, I

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Digging the Piper out of the snow

I’ve got my snow shovel sharpened, oiled and ready. But temperatures here have risen to cozy 5°C, and yesterday evening we even had 10°C. Not that I miss the snow so much, as long as there is enough in the

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No flying today

We’ve actually been getting a little bit of snow here in the last couple of days. Not enough to last until Christmas, of course, but I would guess that the chances for a white Christmas are better than ever this

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The snowblower is broken

Ha! We almost need to do a follow up to show what happens when Chuck actually starts the engine. Have you ever run into a situation (maybe with your teenage kids) when you were taken literally just so they can

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