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A solidarity thing

In the earlier days of my aviation career I was working as mechanic helper for a little outfit at my home town air field. I actually was more like our Jason character back then with tons of questions (except that

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Repainting the hangar

I have vague memories of some of our toys mysteriously going missing when we were kids. I also have a lot of memories of our mom telling us to tidy up our room “for the very last time, or else!”.

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I’ll be right there!

Have you ever dealt with people who lose all situational awareness the second they get dialed in into their device, whatever it may be? It funny, we’re so connected all the time but don’t even listen to each other anymore,

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Just go and leave

I always think it’s funny when Chuck takes Julio literally. Not sure if it is coincidence or not but it usually only happens when it works in Chucks favor. It’s a strange world … Who of you know the game

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