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Drink holder

I think I first came across the concept of a cup holder when I visited my brother in the US for the first time. The year was 1997. Maybe cars in Europe already had them too by then, but I

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Hangar cleaning time

Mankind can be separated into two broad groups: Those who clean a little bit all the time and those who let the mess pile up and then clean in one fell swoop. I fall into the second category, my wife

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New equipment

Who doesn’t love new equipment? Whether it’s tools or gadgets, nothing seems to satisfy the hunter and gatherer instinct better than stumbling across a nice tool discounted at a hardware store or getting the latest new technological gadget that has

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Guzzling Electricity

It seems that every time Chuck gets into something (which is quite frequently), he always goes all in, head first, with a ton of passion. One thing you can’t say about Chuck is that he isn’t committed. I like how

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