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Advent calendar

I really love the comments you guys leave underneath each strip! Some are really funny, some are really insightful, some are both. A few are downright weird, but well, that’s only to be expected in a public forum. (We are

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Elf on a shelf

I have to admit that I have only learned about the Elf on the shelf tradition a few days ago, when we were thinking up this strip. It’s a funny idea! I guess everybody has played the “hide item X

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Cut it down!

Merry Christmas from “the coop” everybody! May you all have all your wishes come true in 2015 and find time to spend the holidays with your families and most of all, be happy in doing what you’re doing! Again, Chuck

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Move the tree

Poor Chuck. There he goes and picks out a beautiful tree that fits perfectly into the hangar and now he has to move it into the tiny chicken office. I’m not sure if you guys are aware of the exact

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