Flying too low

This is a very tricky comic. Is it about the Christmas Spirit? Or is it about FAR 91.13 “Careless or reckless operation”? We might never know …

When exactly does a pilot get dinged for “careless and reckless”? As soon as the mayor calls in? Or a neighbor, a park ranger? The rules are kind of vague on this one. In the case of Chucks last flight, the difference between a “normal” flight and a 91.13 flight might have been only, what… like 6 feet? LOL

Be all of this as it may, we hope you all learned something from Chuck today and maybe even had a “chuck-le” there.

We at Roost Air wish all of you fellow feathered aviators and supporters a Safe and Merry Christmas! What a year it has been! Whew! We are hopeful next year things will look up again. Take a page out of Chuck’s book! Nothing will bring that guy down, at least not for long. He has to be one of the most positive characters I have ever met. I know we keep mentioning it. But he impresses even us almost every day.

Merry Christmas Y’all!

Mike and Stefan

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