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Christmas tree

The end is near! Only a couple of weeks to go and 2014 is over and done with. And that means Christmas is even nearer! Maybe some of you have already put up their Christmas tree, like Chuck has. My

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Remember, remember …

Remember remember, the 24th of December! Merry Christmas everybody!!! Since this is our last post before Christmas, we would like to take this opportunity and wish you all some Happy Holidays! As a little Christmas gift to all of you

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On Santa’s lap

Christmas is fast approaching! I hope you bought or otherwise prepared all your presents yet! As for me, every year I am more and more relying on shopping online. I’m not a big fan of crowds in the first place,

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Santa Hans

Whoops! I totally spaced to upload the comic strip today! Well, not totally, obbiously, because right now I thought of it. I blame it on the new upload schedule and the pre-Christmas stress, because then I don’t have to feel

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