Thanks for asking!

WOW! How bizarre is this strip?? This neither looks nor sounds like either one of them. I made the same weirded out face Hans makes in the last panel and I was part of writing this strip! HAHA! It just feels different actually reading it now that it’s all done.

But maybe it is a reminder, that if Chuck and Julio can put their differences aside for a view days, so can we. Maybe it’s a call for world peace, or an attempt to get people to put their political differences aside for a week and eat big birds together as a group. Or maybe it’s just a feel-good Thanksgiving message. Too bad we’ll never know …

As I am writing this, it occurs to me that Chuck and Julio celebrating Thanksgiving is probably as bizarre and inappropriate as Native Americans celebrating this modern day holiday. Yet without bizarre and inappropriate, there would be no Chuck and Julio. I regress …

But HEY! Be as it may, we have a HUGE DISCOUNT for you starting on Thanksgiving running until the end of November! Get 25% OFF your ENTIRE ORDER by applying coupon code “BF2018” during checkout!

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And even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, be nice to each other like Chuck and Julio are today. Have a meal together, tell some good stories. Remember, Santa is watching!

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2 comments on “Thanks for asking!
  1. DeanRW says:

    Thanks for putting Julio’s torque wrench back in Julio’s tool box, when you’re done.

  2. Keith says:

    No, it’s fine trust me. Our Macaw, LOVES chicken and turkey. ;)He says “look, I’m not related and frankly we aren’t even the same species. So it’s cool.”

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