Pro seal problems

Pro seal problems

This one is mostly for all you mechanics, tinkerers, and hobbyists out there.

Last summer, while fighting fire in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, I was finishing up paperwork and whatever else is there to do in the morning before a busy fire day, when I heard my crew chief cussing. That in itself isn’t anything unusual for a heavy helicopter crew chief on any given day. But he got louder and louder and when I peered over to see what he was doing, he almost looked like Julio in the last panel. Those of you, who have mixed pro-seal before will be able to relate to this comic the most. It usually gets even worse when you are “just trying to mix up a small batch” to fix something quickly, like he was planning on doing that morning. Pro-Seal is cursed, because it always ends up everywhere, and did so in our trailer that morning.
During his cussing and cursing, he said, and I’m gonna leave out a bunch of choice words, “someone can be mixing this at the other side of the hangar, and it still gets on you!”. I thought that was really funny and felt he’s not wrong, because we have all been there.

And so, another comic strip was born…


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5 comments on “Pro seal problems
  1. Jeff Del Papa says:

    The same is true for anti-seize (especially the nickel version)

  2. mike says:

    HAHA! YES! That’s true!
    In my case it is the copper anti seize. I keep finding flakes everywhere many days afterwards…
    It’s like, once you bring it into this world, it’s there to stay, LOL.

  3. JP Kalishek says:

    Jeff Del Papa beat me to it. Never-Seize is the mess that keeps on spreading. 3M Weatherstrip Adhesive (Gorilla Snot) is the every-man version of Pro-Seal, followed closely by Great Stuff Foam.

  4. ThisGuy says:

    molybdenum containing grease is also a long distance and long term hazard. Tiny amounts are enough to leave very large and very noticeable black smears on light colored stuff that are nearly impossible to remove. And you’ll have some on you somewhere if you’ve been anywhere close to something greased with the stuff.

  5. Wayne H Morris Jr says:

    Always told my students that you could be in a biohazard suit and it will still end up on your uniform. I had to relace so much due to that mess.

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