Performance review II

Mike and I also got our performance review! As most of you will probably heard (most likely even multiple times), we have just recently published our first animated video last week! So far the feedback is great! It’s overwhelmingly positive and we really feel encouraged to produce more. There are a few points of criticism that seem to be coming up more frequently, e.g. the timing and pacing of the dialogues, that we will definitely pay attention to next time around. As for the voices: A lot of people mentioned that they sound totally different than what they had in their minds so far. Well, that’s true, even for us. But we went through a lot of options and those were the ones we finally decided upon, so, if nothing unforeseen happens, we will keep them as they are.

Anyway, the list of things to improve is long and we’ll definitely try to up our game next time!

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2 comments on “Performance review II
  1. 4EDouglas says:

    I’ve had performance reviews like that.
    Walk out of the Boss’ office and say:”Huh?”
    One guy i worked for was separated t birth from “Dilbert’s” “Pointy haired boss” except he wasn’t as smart-my boss.
    (Had the book keeper to cook the books to impress a buyer of the little putt-putt
    commuter they had.)”I’d be crazy to sell this! NO DEAL!” He said to the buyers.
    The buyers eventually created Horizon Airlines…

  2. Andre says:

    Chuck and Julio now with voices!?
    I want more!

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